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Dominate investment in Australia with Mofid Bebawy

Mofid Bebawy sheds light on a new visa that allows business innovation and investment within Australia’s booming economy…

Australia is currently in its economic prime, and with many other countries still struggling to recoup from the global financial crisis, the Australian market is looking stronger than ever. Did you know that Australia is Asia’s No. 1 destination for outbound investment? There are business individuals in Asia with over AUD$16 million in assets. Effective from November 2012, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has created a new way for migrant investors to obtain residency in Australia.

Achieving residency in Australia…

If you are an investor who is looking to capitalise on Australia’s ever-growing economy, Mofid Bebawy can help you achieve easy migration to Australia to chase your investment aspirations.

The 888 visa, which Mofid specialises in, is a program for migrants who have demonstrated experience of success in business or investment. The success or size of the investment is stipulated in the Australian Government’s guidelines concerning the 888 visa. Essentially, this visa is designed to attract prominent business persons and investors from all over the world and Mofid can clarify your suitability for the visa and help your Australian investment dreams come true!

The 888 visa can grant a permanent business opportunity…

The 888 visa is the second stage of the Business Innovation and Investment visa. One of the requirements for the 888 visa is that if you have lived in Australia for at least 40 days for every year or part year that you have held a Significant Investor visa, you may qualify for upgrade to a permanent Significant Investor visa, which means you can spend more time investing and less time traveling!

Mofid Bebawy can help you lodge your application…

As with most bureaucratic elements, the 888 visa is surrounded by arduous red tape. Some of this red tape includes SkillSet: this is an online service which allows overseas business people as well as investors to lodge an expression of interest to be considered for the relevant visa. This and many of the other intricacies of applying for the 888 visa can be navigated with our well-established and knowledgeable migration expert, Mofid Bebawy.

Mofid can help you through this red tape so you can access the 888 visa, ensure you are a suitable candidate, and get the ball rolling for your investments.

An expert in Australian visas, Mofid can ensure the process is as smooth as possible…

Mofid Bebawy—who is currently studying a Masters degree in migration law and is a registered Migration agent with many years of experience—is an expert in the implementation of Australian visas and a valued contact for those seeking a visa should you wish to invest in Australian business. His knowledge of different Australian visas and their requirements makes Mofid an essential asset for you.

For more information on the 888 visa or for advice in migration, finance or business structuring, please do not hesitate to contact us to get in touch with Mofid.

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