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Last chance for Australian migration seekers to get there faster and easier with Mofid Bebawy

The trilogy of Migration Seminars in India will conclude tomorrow following two successful seminars last week in India, with the third and final seminar being at 3:00pm at the Crowne Plaza, Community Centre, New Delhi.

Mofid Bebawy of Choice Migration Australia will continue to provide invaluable migration advice to hundreds of candidates seeking to gain permanent residency in Australia, following a widespread campaign to help make the transition as smooth and stress free as possible.

To date, Mofid has held seminars in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Delhi, Ahmedabad , Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, attracting migrants seeking to gain their permanent residence and citizenship in Australia.

What to expect at the seminar?

It is often difficult to negotiate and navigate through Australia’s complex and evolving immigration laws and policies, which is why Mofid Bebaway is here to help. Highlights of the seminar include:

  • Information regarding life in Australia
  • Visa Options for migrating to Australia
  • Visa Requirements
  • One on one interviews for migration advice

Let us help you with the complex paperwork…

Choice Accountants are familiar with the current legislation and take the time to explain relevant information and the various options to ensure our clients make informed decisions.

“Our Company has been successful in Australia, India and China in assisting many people gain their residence in Australia. Many families are now happily settled in Australia with the migration advice provided during my seminar and through my personal assistance,” Mr Bebway said.

Choice Migration Australia Pty Ltd can help clients lodge a visa application and organise the necessary paperwork to alleviate the stress that often follows the migration experience.

To ensure you gaining invaluable migration advice we recommend attending his final seminar tomorrow, Sunday December 17 at the Crowne Plaza New Dehli Community Centre.

Mofid Bebawy has been specialising in migration for many years, and has an office In Australia, China & India. For more about Mofid Bebawy’s information seminars in India for December 2013, or to learn more about what Mofid can do for you, call our Chandigarh office on 0172 4624 123 or visit our Facebook

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