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Mofid Bebawy Unlocks the Secret to Dominating the Australian Business Market

It’s a visa that can help you achieve your business goals, and Mofid Bebawy holds the key to unlocking this great opportunity…

Do you want to expand your limits and enterprises to a country with infinite opportunity? Are you looking to open a business in Australia but lack permanent residency? The Australian business market is thriving, with the surging share market and ever strengthening property sector, Australia is the prime place to grow your already thriving business.

Many do not follow-through with these ambitions simply because Australian laws make their migration process difficult to untangle and understand. Mofid Bebawy is a migration expert, and has practiced in migration for many years. If you want to move your business to Australia, there is simply no better option than combining Mofid Bebawy’s extensive knowledge and the 132 visa!

Haven’t heard of the 132 Visa? That’s because it is available by invitation only!

Many people wishing to migrate to Australia to open a thriving business are not aware of the 132 visa and what it has to offer, which is why Mofid Bebawy has decided to shed some light on this mysterious visa so you can gain full insight into what it does and why it is best for you!

This visa is available through invite-only, and to gain the best chance of an invitation you must first submit an Expression of Interest. Our own Mofid Bebawy can help you with this, and will explain to you which stream will best suit you:

  • Significant Business History – This stream is for affluent owners or partners in a business who wish to have a management role in an existing or even new business within Australia.
  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur – This is for those who have made at least AUD$1 million in funding from an Australian venture capital firm.

Acceptance through the 132 Visa means booming business for Australia and permanent residency for you…

Mofid Bebawy is an expert in the recommendation and implementation of Australian visas, and is the best point of contact for you, should you want to move your business to pristine Australian shores. His knowledge of the intense knot of thread that is Australian visas can help you achieve what you want in Australia, without the need for going through unnecessary visas first.

Not only an expert in visas, Mofid has become an industry leader in other key areas…

When you are discussing your options with Mofid, you are not only gaining a full insight into migration visas, you are also conversing with an expert in:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • business structuring
  • superannuation
  • tax planning strategies
  • International tax advice
  • Negative gearing
  • BSA reviews

Mofid Bebawy offers a great depth of knowledge in migration, with many years of experience, management skills and professionalism which will allow for all his clients to experience a superior service quality for all migration needs.

For more information on the 132 visa or for advice in migration, finance or business structuring, please do not hesitate to contact us to get in touch with Mofid.

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