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The Easy way To Move To Australia – Migration Seminars In India


Highly valuable migration advice will be shared with hundreds by Choice Migration Australia’s senior Executive Tax Manager, Mofid Bebawy during his Migration Seminar in Ahmedabad India tomorrow, Wednesday December 11.
Choice Migration has launched international offices in India and China and has had an overwhelming response by applicants seeking migration to Australia.
The event will be held at the the Fern Hotel in Ahmedabad from 11am to 5pm with hundreds expected to enter the seminar and gain valuable insight to life in Australia and migration options.
The migration seminar will include a presentation of life in Australia as well as outlining many various visa options to the country. Every applicant who attends the seminar will have the opportunity to participate in a personal interview with Mofid Bebawy to present their case and seek tailored advice on their migration process to Australia.
“The seminars are aimed to inform Indian immigrants on the correct route to take to gain their visas and citizenship, along with information about the basics of living in Australia after their visa is granted, including housing and potential jobs,” Mr Bebawy said.
Choice Migration Australia has been successful in assisting Indian and Chinese people gain residency in Australia. Many families are now happily settled in Australia due to the migration advice of Mofid Bebawy, and are now enjoying their new lives in Australia.

Mofid has now launched a widespread campaign holding seminars in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai attracting migrants that are seeking to gain their permanent residency and citizenship in Australia.
Mofid Bebawy has been specialising in migration for many years, and has an office In Australia, China & India. Additional seminars will be held in Jalandhar on 15 December and in New Delhi on 17 December.

For more information about Mofid Bebawy’s Migration Seminar in India for December 2013, or to learn more about what Mofid can do for you, call 0172 4624 123 or contact us online.

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